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A number of companies offer their services in the field of geodesy. But not all of them have relevant experience, material and technical base and licensing documentation. KyrgyzGeoTech LLC is a company that performs geodetic and land survey in the shortest time and at favorable rates for our customers.

Our company provides geodetic support for the construction of buildings and infrastructure – from the geodetic survey stage to the commissioning of facilities. The company has modern equipment and technologies and, most importantly, a staff of experienced geodetic engineers who, having a specialized technical education, have successfully implemented more than a dozen projects.

The service cost is calculated depending on the type of geodetic work, the volume of services provided within the framework of a contract, TOR, as well as the particularities of the object with which we have to deal. Our specialists can come on your first call and calculate the content and cost of work in your construction or survey site.

Topographical survey of the construction site and drawing up of a topographical plan of the area costs from 3,000 to 50,000 soms (KGS) per hectare. The official approval cost of the topographic plan is paid separately for the accounts issued by the balance-holders of underground utilities and city services.

Geodetic support for the construction, reconstruction and expansion of facilities from 10,000 soms for a team  varies from 75,000 soms for surveying the construction site with an area of ​​up to 2,500 square meters during one calendar month.

Engineering geodetic survey-studies for the construction and reconstruction of buildings are determined in accordance with estimates for geodetic work, depending on the composition of work, local conditions of the site.

Geodetic control – executive survey of the entire site or selective building parts starts from 20,000 soms, the exact cost of geodetic works is determined by the customer’s request for measurements, survey mode, site specificity and its remoteness from Bishkek city.

Geodetic monitoring of the basement settlement – monitoring of building deformations from 1,500 to 4,000 soms per 1 tripod installations when measuring the foundation settlement of a building. 2 and 1 order precise leveling carried out by deformation marks.

Geodetic survey network construction starts from 75,000 soms for setting 3 points of  geodetic network for the construction site. The act of transferring the geodetic base to the general contractor will be signed.

Geodetic control-executive measurements and documentation for building structures starts from 1,000 soms for 1 structural element (columns, foundations, pylons, beams, trusses and frameworks) in planar and vertical measurements. Preparation of the execution scheme of building structures.

An independent geodetic expertise of the quality of the building construction and the accuracy of the installation according to an individual technical assignment is calculated by estimating the geodetic work to verify the geometric characteristics of the buildings, structures and their complexes.

Building measurement – preparation of floor plans of buildings, plans of parts of structures from 10 to 50 soms per sq. meter – field work and drawing up of dimensional drawings of the roof, floor, walls, partitions and plan of gardening.

Leveling for installation of construction benchmarks, leveling of floors and surfaces from 2,000 to 20,000 soms per kilometer of double traverse. Transfer of the benchmark elevation to the construction site. Leveling of II-IV classes.

Land survey expertise of the finished surveying and accurate installation of landmarks from 3,000 soms for 1 landmark depending on the location of the disputed areas, their location and the way of fixing the boundary between the land plots.

Stake-out the main axes and contours of buildings and structures from 5,000 to 50,000 soms per contour. Detailed breakdown of building axes from 3,000 soms per piece. If necessary, the installation of the alignment marks is paid separately (1,000 soms per mark).

Geodetic support of the industrial equipment installation from 10,000 soms for a single visit of our surveyors team, from 50,000 soms for the daily geodetic support of equipment installation by our surveyor during a month.

Geodetic survey to control the vertical and planar alignment and mutual location from 10,000 soms, the total cost of geodetic survey is calculated by technical terms of reference local conditions. Geodetic control of geometric parameters of structures.

Measurement of rolling: roll of the building, roll of the foundation – measuring the roll of the chimney, tower, mast from 20,000 soms at the height of the object to 25 meters, from 50,000 soms at a higher altitude. The settlement of the chimney base, if necessary, will be measured by leveling and paid separately.

Topographic-survey plan for the industrial site from 3,000 soms per hectare. The approval of the plan of underground communications and “red-lines” is paid to the balance-holder. Special topographic surveys.

Calculation of the area, measuring the area of ​​the real estate by geodetic survey from 10 soms per 1 sq. meter of land parcels, premises or territory. The official verification of the property area to resolve disputed issues on its lease.

Leveling of rails of the overhead, gantry and tower cranes while controlling the geometry of tracks from 200 to 1,500 soms per meter of the crane span, regardless of the width of the span. Leveling, checking the track width and other geometric parameters of the rails.

Setting of geodetic control network for reconstruction and repair of industrial facilities from 75,000 soms for installation of 3 points of the reference geodetic network on the industrial or construction site.

Calculation of the volume of excavation work and bulk material in warehouses from 5 soms per 1 cubic meter of the measured material in mounds or grooves or in determining the stock of materials (sand, gravel, clay, grain, coal etc.).

Facade survey – accurate measurements of facades for the  drawings of the facades of buildings from 10 soms per square meter – for an industrial building, from 20 soms per sq. meter – for a residential building, from 30 soms per square meter – for a public building. Facade survey processing and printing.

Geodetic support of reconstruction of highways and railways from 10,000 soms for a single visit of our surveyors team, from 150 000 soms for monthly maintenance of the reconstruction by our survey engineers.

Geodetic stake-out of the road – transfer of the axes of lines of linear structures on site from 10,000 to 100,000 soms per 1 km of the road, depending on the local and climate conditions. If several roads have passed the same “corridor”, the discount will be available.

Leveling of the road cross-section – geodetic survey of transverse road profiles from 1,000 to 4,000 soms for 1 cross-section – instrumental surveying and construction of transverse profiles of roadbed of roads and railways.

The executive plan and the executive profile of the linear infrastructure are performed at prices determined on the individual base and depend on the traffic intensity of the road and rail transport on the site.

Inventory, repair and reconstruction of control points of geodetic networks are carried out at prices determined individually, depending on the design of geodetic points and measurement accuracy classes.

Tree survey, compilation of an inventory plan of green plantations from 20,000 to 200,000 soms per hectar, depending on the type of land and the number of trees.

Land management survey to restore the border of the plot and landmarks from 3,000 to 10,000 soms per landmark (turning point) of site boundary in the local or national Kyrg-06 coordinate system. In case of a large number of landmarks we may give a significant discount on land survey.

Selection and distribution of the remote sensing data is carried out according to the customer’s individual order. Our experts will help you choose the most suitable satellite and aerial imagery for your area of ​​research or construction site in accordance with your purposes. We provide you with a wide range of multi-spectral and radar satellite imagery of very high spatial resolution (from 30 cm) from the world’s leading companies.

High-precision satellite positioning using GNSS / GPS technology is realized by using geodetic class receivers for absolute and differential measurements, including base stations and network RTK mode. We perform georeferencing verification and refinement of maps, satellite and aerial photographs in various international and traditional coordinate systems.

The development of geoinformation systems (GIS) is carried out by our specialists in various areas using modern commercial and open source software. Each system has its own characteristics and requires high qualification of specialists taking into account the project objectives and tasks to be solved.

Professional consultations are provided by our specialists on a wide range of tasks – from engineering geodesy to the development of geoinformation systems.

Courses of retraining and advanced training of specialists on geodesy and GIS are prepared and conducted for specialists of state organizations, construction companies, research institutions and individuals. Each course requires the development of training programs that take into account the needs and requirements of participants and employers. A full list and conditions for advanced training courses for specialists will be published on the website of “KyrgyzGeoTech” in the near future.

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